Quality Assurance Program

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Our Quality Assurance Program takes into account a weighted average of various ratings from highly trafficked travel booking & review sites. We also consider important amenities, food & beverage offerings, and ADR relative to location.  Any new prospective members will be added throughout the year with their successful completion of the Quality Assurance Evaluation within the first 30 days of their contract with L.E. Hotels.

  • L.E. Hotels will perform the Quality Assurance Evaluation every January for all Member Hotels
  • Any new prospective Member will be evaluated the first 30 days of the initial term
  • For the Luxe Collection, a Member Hotel must score a 87 or greater on the Quality Assurance Program
  • Any hotels that undergo a "considerable" renovation throughout the calendar year, may request a Quality Assurance Inspection at any time, with the consent of L.E. Hotels
  • For any Luxe Collection member, you must maintain an annual score of 87 or greater to maintain your status. In the event you fall below 87, you will be place on probationary status and re-evaluated every 90 days. If you fail (3) consecutive evaluations, you will be subject to removal from the Luxe Collection.
  • Specific hotel scores will not be published on Passport, only averages from both Luxe Collection and L.E. Hotels.