Meet Our Team

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Efrem Harkham, Chairman, Founder and Hotel Owner
Michael J. Lorenz, SVP Operations & Business Development
Peter Rockwood, Vice President, Sales
Jen Thompson, Controller
Kerry Cooper, Vice President, Business Development, West Coast
Gonzalo Ocejo, Vice President, Business Development, International
Melissa Brown, Vice President, Business Development, East Coast
Claudia Dacak, Vice President, Account Management
Nancy Korban, Director of Member Services
Julie Sevilla, Global Director of Marketing

Global Sales Contacts, by Region

Patricia Rubiano, Regional Director, Spain          
Nicoletta Pilardi, Regional Director, United Kingdom     
Christian Bailac Jobst, Regional Director, Germany
Christine Odile, Regional Director, France
Adeline Surault, Regional Director, Italy
Martha Sullivan, Director of Sales, California
Jana Adamova, Director of Group Sales
Fiona Rose, Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Madoka Sasaki, Regional Director, Japan
Garrick Yang, Regional Director, China
Ricardo F. Lambertini, Managing Director, South America
Adrian Francois, Director of Sales, Brazil
Tamara Tarrio, Regional Sales, Argentina 


Business Development

Account Management

Global Sales Contacts, by Region