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Baolilai International Hotel, offering premium guest rooms and suites, is located in the center of Fuyong Town in the Bao'an District of Shenzhen, adjacent to the Town Hall. This convenient location places our guests in the center of a variety of Shenzhen attractions, all just a short distance from our luxury hotel. So whether you're visiting for business or leisure, there's always a variety of activities to partake in during breaks. It is 30 minutes from Shenzhen City Center and Fu Tien International Exhibit Hall. It is only five minutes from the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Fuyong Port. From the hotel, it is a 60 minute ferry ride to Macau Pier. 

The famous Shenzhen attractions Splendid of China and Window of the World, are approximately thirty minutes away. For golf lovers, the Mission Hills Golf Course, the largest golf course in Asia, is approximately a forty-five minute drive from the hotel with the Shenzhen International Golf Course just five minutes away. Regardless of what you're interested in, there are a variety of things to do in Shenzhen that keep our guests entertained. From unprecedented shopping, to fine dining to Shenzhen nightlife and more, everything you'd want to see in the area is right at your fingertips.

It takes about thirty minutes to get to the Huang Gang Border. Guangzhou City, Hong Kong city center and the Hong Kong International Airport are all within ninety minutes. Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport is 120 kilometers from the hotel and Macau International Airport is 160 kilometers away.

Splendid China – Folk Culture Village

Spendid China is a park that looks like a large map of China with over 100 scenic spots of the country featured in one place. Within a few footsteps, visitors can feel the solemn of the majestic Ming Tombs, witness the beautiful Lijang Landscape, visit the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, admire the grand Potala Palace at the highest altitude and experience the steep, tall and straight Yangtze River. At Three Gorges, the large figure of Buddha-Leshan (Giant Buddha) sits above. It’s like seeing all of China conveniently and fantastically.

Window Of the World

Shenzhen Window of the World is one of the most scenic spots at most popular things to do in Shenzhen and is a site that is not to be missed. It is divided into the World Square, Asia Area, Oceania Area, Europe Area, North America Area, World Sculpture Park and International Street. With over 130 scenic spots, Shenzhen Window of the World was built as a scenic tourist attraction to publicize the cultural essence of the world. It features cultures of thousands of years, including historic relics, key points of interest, natural scenes, world wonders, folk housing and sculpture.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is one of the best themed children’s fairylands in China. It includes eight theme areas: Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Venture Mountain, Happy Island, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-Las Forest, Hurricane Bay and the Sunshine Coast, as well as the funny Mayan Water Park. The Mine Train lets visitors experience the heart-quaking scene of miners fleeing for their lives during a flood outburst. For those brave enough to experience the Space Shuttle, visitors are ejected into the air at high speed for a free fall down vertically. The 4D Cinema is not to be missed. Relying on the real exteriors of Happy Valley, it is the first large above water scene, integrating sound, light, electricity, film and special effects.

The Eastern OCT

Located at Dameisha of Shenzhen, The Eastern OCT is a national ecological tourist attraction that “lets city people experience nature.” Between the sea and the mountains, Shenzhen Eastern OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) artfully features three theme areas, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of people and nature. Daxia Valley, Chaxi Valley and Yunhai Valley integrate dynamic ecology, vocation and outdoor sports. The Chaxi Valley combines Chinese and Western cultures, highlighting “Tea, Zen, Flower and Bamboo.” The Yunhai Valley focuses on Olympic military sports, golf, the Interlaken OCT Hotel and Spa, a Buddhism party and the first International Mountainous Song Party. The Daxia Valley offers “Forest, Sunshine, Ground, River and Space” as the main elements with Highfield Red Wine Town and Guan Yin Sitting in Lotus also featured.

Minsk World

Minsk World is the first military theme park in China and even in Asia. Built with a retired aircraft carrier from the former Soviet Union-Minsk, it is a pioneer in tourism. Featuring a unique aircraft carrier and rich in military cultures, CITIC Minsk World’s theme is “Experience an aircraft carrier and enjoy a happy military port.” This brand new military themed Eden is a totally unique experience.

Sea World

Situated in the Xiao Mei Shan Seashore tourist site of “Oriental Hawaii” on the golden coast of Shenzhen (28 kilometers from downtown), Sea World features eight halls, three parks and fourteen art performances. It is a sea culture theme park that boasts the largest parks, the most show halls, the richest sea-bed performances and the best entertainment in China.

Shenzhen Garden Expo Park

Shenzhen Garden Expo Park, located near Shennan Avenue between Honey Lake and the Overseas Chinese Town, is a five-star park integrating garden horticulture, mass culture, popular science, science research, tourism, exhibition and solar power generation. Originally constructed for the 2004-5 China International Gardens and Flower Expo, which brought in 82 international participants, the Garden Expo Park has about 100 scenic spots featuring beautiful gardens.

Shenzhen Immortal Lake Botanical Garden

Shenzhen Immortal Lake Botanical Garden is a famous botanical garden integrating science research, popular science and tourism. With beautiful natural scenes, unique garden architecture and mysterious plants, the garden wins the praise of visitors. It is divided into the Heaven on Earth Landscape Area, Lake Area, Temple Area, Desert Plant Area, Fossil Forest Landscape Area and the Pine, Cypress and Rhododendron Area. It also features the unique Paleontological Museum. In the morning, the echoing bell of the Hongfa Temple can be heard and in the evening, the lake water is shining with inverted reflections of green trees and flowers, like an amazing picture.

Shenzhen Safari Park

Built on the bank of the Xili Lake of Shenzhen with picturesque scenery, Shenzhen Safari Park is a miraculous place worthy of visiting. The first in China, the park features a variety of rare birds and beasts in an elegant and calm natural environment. The park has more than 300 species and approximately 10,000 wild animals from all over the world, including the giant panda, spun gold, South China tiger, Northeast China tiger, flamingo, Magellanic penguin, giraffe, zebra, Asian elephant, red-crowned crane and rhinoceros. Eight rare tiglons and ligers have been reproduced by the park, the only Safari Park in the world to have these unique creatures.

Waterlands Resort

Shenzhen Water Land has many lakes and rivulets, dense forests, tender and green grasses, singing birds, fragrant flowers and fresh air. The Ecological Resort and the Water Village, located on the bank of the Luhua, are two of the ten scenic areas of the resort. In these areas, there are meeting rooms, tennis courts, chess and card rooms, night clubs, fitness rooms and restaurants serving both Chinese and Western dishes made with fish, shrimp and crab from the lakes and fresh vegetables and fruits grown at the resort. The entire resort is divided into ten scenic areas, each with its own features: Jitang Garden City, Farmers’ Style Village, Happy Heaven and Earth, Garden City Plaza, Ecological Civilization Hall, Peach Garden, Ecological Popular Science Sculptures, Red Forest Experiment Base and the two already mentioned.