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With spectacular ocean views of the azure Caribbean Sea and timeless island hospitality, Avila Beach Hotel offers elegant accommodations in a historical eastern suburb of Willemstad, the capital city. The hotel is located just minutes away from world-class Curacao travel attractions like museums, shops and other restaurants. The Blue Bay Golf Club and the Sea Aquarium Park are about a 5 minute drive. At the end of an exciting day, relax and enjoy our spectacular sunsets from our private beach and our fine "al fresco" dining. Regardless of how you choose to spend your vacation, when you stay at Avila hotel there are a variety of things to do in Curacao right at your fingertips. 

L.E. Hotels Top 10 Curacao Attractions

Curacao Sea Aquarium Park

The Curacao Sea Aquarium was developed directly on the oceanfront with a healthy coral reef only a stones throw from the entrance. This beautiful aquarium complex is one of the most unique in the world because of its open-water-system, which means that sea water is continuously pumped into the aquarium. During the feeding shows you can touch and learn about the animals. For some real fun you can snorkel or scuba dive and hand feed stingrays, sea turtles, sharks and many other colorful tropical fish. For those who do not want to get wet, they can watch the fun of the divers whilst seated in the Underwater Observatory Boat or Submarine.

Kura Hulanda Museum

Museum Kurá Hulanda is an anthropological museum that focuses on the predominant cultures of Curacao. It offers a world-class chronicle of the Origin of Man, the African slave trade, West African Empires, Pre-Colombian gold, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art.

Floating Market

Experience the Floating Market on Sha Caprilleskade and immerse yourself in the colors and smells of fresh Caribbean produce and food ingredients.

Maritime Museum

Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, is and will always be connected to the sea. Its strategic location and natural deep water harbor made it a major seafaring and commercial center from very early in its history. A rich history that continues to influence the daily lives of its community. The Curacao Maritime Museum established itself with the goal to bring this unique maritime past to life.

Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue

See the Mikve Israel Emmanuel Synagogue, the oldest in continuous use in the western hemisphere, located in Punda.

Ostrich & Game Park

The Curacao Ostrich and Game Farm is one of the biggest farms outside Africa. You can take a look around the farm, one of the top activities in Curacao. The farm is open every day from 8am to 5pm. You will get a tour around the farm and we will tell you all about these magnificent birds. You can see little chicks from one day old to big adults from over 8 years old. You can hold an Ostrich Egg, stroke a little baby ostrich and much, much more.

Den Paradera

In 1981 Dinah Veeris started her research for healing herbs and traditions by interviewing the older people to recover and preserve the secret knowledge of the former generations. She studied at the California school for Herbal Studies. In 1991 she started the garden, plant by plant. She wrote a book about the herbs and their use and received several awards for her input in preserving the culture and the healing herbs. She also got a decoration form the Dutch Royal Family.

Dolphin Academy

At the Dolphin Academy Curacao visitors get the opportunity to meet dolphins and swim, snorkel or even dive with these special animals in six different programs. There are suiting programs for everybody! For the ultimate experience there is the Dolphin Swim. This program offers a unique experience where the dolphin will come swimming next to the participant so he/her can pet it. The swimmers will also give signals to the dolphins, who will start singing, spinning, waving and much more. A highlight of the Dolphin Swim is the Dorsal Ride where two dolphins will pick up the swimmers and give her or him a ride by holding on to their dorsal fins.

Hato Caves

The Hato Caves were formed below the sea level millions of years ago. With the Ice Ages the water level dropped down and Curacao was born. The Hato cave covers an area of 4900 m2, and is the home to the beautiful limestone formations, romantic pools, waterfall and our famous Madonna statue. Also inside the Cave is a colony of seldom seen long nose fruit bats.

Fort Amsterdam

Built in 1635 to guard the vital entrance to the harbor from enemy ships, this citadel was converted into the Governor's Palace and the office of the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles. At the rear of the courtyard is Fort Church, Curacao's oldest Protestant church.