Learn About Our Boutique Hotel Company

General Information & Policies

You've come to the right place to learn all about L.E. Hotels and our policies. Most of our luxury boutique hotels accept all major credit cards. Confirmed reservations normally require a credit card guarantee or deposit. This will assure you of a room on the occasions requiring you to arrive late in the day. A guaranteed reservation holds the room all night. If requested, reservation confirmations will be sent to you. We request that you check the reservation confirmation carefully and report any changes to us immediately. A few hotels in our boutique hotel company do require deposits, and those can usually be handled by credit cards.

Cancellations and Charges

Should it become necessary to change or cancel a confirmed reservation, it is imperative that it be done at the earliest possible moment. Each hotel has a strict cancellation policy which must be observed in order to avoid financial penalty. Cancellations must be received prior to the local time and date stated in the policy. Hotel policies differ; therefore, this should be verified at the time the reservation is placed. Cancellations should be made through the originating office or your travel agent as soon as possible. If a reservation has been "guaranteed", the person making the reservation is responsible for the proper cancellation notice and/or for the fee charged by the hotel in the event of a late cancellation or no-show.

Hotel Information

The management of the hotels has provided the information pertaining to the individual hotels described herein. Occasionally, because of remodeling, reconstruction or management changes, services, and/or facilities may change. Neither the hotels, nor L.E. Hotels, can be held responsible should any changes occur.

Special Services

All hotels in our boutique hotel company offer the highest standards of personal service. The managers and staff will do their outmost to satisfy all reasonable requests. Should you require any special services, they should be requested at the same time the reservation is placed.


The rates quoted in this website were established in 2010 as indicators for 2011 and are subject to change without notice. For all hotels, the rates are quoted in the local currency and U.S. currency and do not include taxes or service charges unless specified. The rate of exchange prevailing on the date of payment will apply. On 1 January 1999, the conversion of the currencies of the 11 European member states participating in the European Monetary Union were irrevocably fixed and the legal status of the Euro was established. From 1 January 1999 through 1 January 2002, there was a changeover to the Euro by the banking and finance industry. For meal plan, tax and service charge information, please refer to each individual hotel entry on the page indicated.


Rooms at most hotels displayed in this directory are available for booking and instant confirmation. Our global reservation and communications system provides up-to-the-minute information about accommodations and availability at each hotel. However, there are times during the year, such as a special city event, etc., when space is limited and rooms may be "on-request". Therefore, it is recommended that reservations be made as far in advance of arrival as possible.

Early Check-in

Individual hotels may permit early check-in; however, this is subject to availability on the day of arrival. Should this service be essential for your stay, you should confirm the reservation for arrival the previous night and be charged for the applicable rate.

Payments and Other Charges

Payment by credit card upon checkout is accepted as indicated under individual hotel listings. Tax and service charges are not included in the room rate unless specifically stated. Unless special arrangements have been agreed upon in advance, vouchers will be honored only if the hotel has received payment by the time of arrival of the guest. Those wishing to establish credit should submit their credentials and bank preferences to the hotel at least three weeks in advance of arrival.

Facilities For Guests With Disabilities

Those hotels that have facilities and services for disabled persons, as specified by the American National Standards Institute, are designated by the internationally recognized disabled symbol. However, specifications and standards may vary in each country.


Events beyond the control of L.E. Hotels and its member hotels, such as fire, actions of third parties, strikes, weather and illness, exempt them from liability if it causes any curtailment, change or cancellation of accommodations.